Vera kisses us awake. She has invited us to play a concert in her exhibition at the ductus gallery in Lucerne. May 6, 2023 at 5:00 pm

It's not so much about music right now. I was cycling in the Andes. The latest recordings are from summer 2018 when Nicola and I were in Lavin for three days to find new doors to open. We recorded some sketches which I invite you to listen here.
Macuso Vikovsky: Vocals, Guitar
Nicola Romanò: Cello

In 2017 I lived in a wonderfull house at Zollstrasse 119 in Zurich. There are not much regordings from this time an the house is not there anymore. The song "Abbruch" is dedicated to the demolition of this house.

Listen to the demotracks I recorded with Nicola Romanò in 2015 also at home at Zollstrasse 119, Zurich.
Macuso Vikovsky: Vocals, Guitar
Nicola Romanò: Cello

In 2012 the album "VISITE MA TENTE" was released.
The album is still available on vinyl an cd. Write me an e-mail to order it. Or go to to download it.

All Songs written by Macuso Vikovsky — Macuso Vikovsy: Voice, Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Balalaika, Clarinet, Percussion, Samples; Roman Nowka: Bass on Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11; Jonas Cslovjescek: Drums on Tracks 4, 7, 8; Mario Marchisella: Drums on Track 6 — Recorded by Jonas Cslovjescek and Michael Schnyder at Tonmaterial, Biel, Switzerland, 2011. / And by Macuso Vikovsky at Home — Mixed by Claude Kamber and Macuso Vikovsky at Tonmaterial, Biel, Switzerland, 2011 / And by Macuso Vikovsky at Home (5, 9, 12) — Mastered by Dan Suter at Echochamber, Zürich, Switzerland — Artwork by Macuso Vikovsky — Special thanks to Isabel, Jonas Cslovjescek, Claude Kamber, Roman Nowka, Michael Schnyder, Patrick Kadyk, Mario Marchisella, Silvio Waser, Daniel Hobi, Roland Saum, Sarah Infanger — Thanks also to Popkredit, Pro Helvetia und Migros-Kulturprozent — Copyright 2011 by Macuso Vikovsky

"Visite ma tente" contains a typographic work by Macuso Vikovsky. It is one of 7 works that I did in 1995 as part of my diploma thesis.

Flyer Macuso Vikovsky Trio im El Lokal Zurich,  2012

Concertposter by Vera Mattmann for the Show at Kellerstrasse Luzern in 2016